In the face of hostility from the Algerian regime, Morocco remains incredibly calm

In a column published on the news site “Machaid 24” on Tuesday under the title “Algerian Regime: A Congenital Hostility Towards Morocco”, Mr. Al Atlasi noted that the latest manifestation of this hostile attitude took the form of an update published in the column. took. The Algerian press that reports Arab mediation in favor of reconciliation between Morocco and Algeria.

And to explain that this development is attributable to the meaning “source” in the encrypted language, the quarter of generals directing the Algerian regime, denies the rumor of arbitrariness because, according to this source, “it turns out that Algeria had publicly rejected the offer to mediate with Morocco, noting that the severance of ties is the last resort in the face of Morocco’s so-called maneuvers and plots against Algeria since its independence in 1962”.

And suddenly, “this military source deceived itself by publishing this explanation because it invalidates all the justifications, utterly absurd, presented by the Algerian regime to induce a break in diplomatic relations with Morocco”, he said. That said, this explanation confirms the fact that since the independence of Algeria, the Algerian regime has persisted in its hostility towards Morocco and not vice versa.

In the face of this declared hostility, the columnist noted that Morocco remained adamant and calm, better still, at the highest level of the state, the state, for appeasement and for fraternal and peaceful relations with Algeria, to the international community. takes away. Witness.

Tala Saud al-Atalasi observes in this regard, “It is unlikely that the Kingdom of Morocco can initiate any Arab or foreign mediation with regard to the re-establishment of its relations with Algeria”. And for good reason, he argues, “Morocco is in its stead, constantly pursuing its march of progress and its modernization, hardly caring for the provocations and gestures of the Algerian regime, especially since the state has never It has not sought harm to the Algerian neighbour, just as it has never broken its human, social, economic, geographical and political ties with the Algerian brothers.”

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And to continue that argument towards Algerian rule would never oppose Morocco so that it would cease its maneuvers and devote itself entirely to the service of the Algerian people. Because, he noted, “the kingdom has a solid resilience, is strong in its ambitions and has a strong belief that history begins and ends in the Maghreb and African region in Morocco”.

He recalls in this connection that the history of Algeria and Algerian-Moroccan relations is rich in episodes that the Algerian regime attempts to cover up related to the Ojda group led by, among others, the FLN (National Liberation Front). Even with military support of the Algerian resistance, as well as ships transporting weapons from Egypt and chartered by the Moroccan National Movement on behalf of the FLN, among other support positions in favor of stability, the city of Ojda was supported as a rear base. Proposed to postpone the delimitation of borders between independent Algeria such as Morocco and Algeria.

Furthermore, he notes that “the Algerian source that highlights the alleged conspiratorial maneuvers by Morocco against Algeria since 1962 is clearly aware of those events, but it pretends to ignore them, thus serving the agenda.” seeks to rewrite the history of the Algerian regime in a retrospective manner”.

After highlighting international recognition of the credibility and realism of the autonomy plan, along with the spectacular diplomatic successes of Morocco and the Sahara’s increasing declarations of support for Morocco from several countries, the author believes that thereafter, it No wonder the regime is so furious, accusing Morocco of being hostile to Algeria since its independence in 1962.

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