In Sicily, the obligation to wear outdoor masks and tampons is back for visitors from Germany and the United Kingdom

It was established by Governor Nello Musumesi’s new ordinance: “An obligation has been introduced to always carry a mask with you and to wear it in all especially crowded places open to the public”. Not only that: tampons are also mandatory for those coming from Germany and the United Kingdom.

The obligation to wear an outdoor mask is back in Sicily. On the island, along with an order from President Nelo Musumesi, come new anti-Covid measures that will remain in force until December 31 to tackle the surge in infections. ,It has been introduced an obligation to always carry a mask with you and wear it in all especially crowded places open to the public“, reads the press release from the region. In which it is specified that new containment measures have been implemented”As the holidays approach Christmas “.

Not only is there a compulsion to wear a mask outside, the news is coming: this is alsobuffer obligation, into Sicily’s ports and airports, even for those arriving from Germany and the United Kingdom. Currently, tampons were only required for people who came from (or had passed in the last 14 days) the United States, Malta, Portugal, Spain, France, Greece, and the Netherlands.

Today they are registered in Sicily 501 new cases, as compared to 26,376 swabs. So the new positivity is slightly higher than yesterday (491), but the incidence remains at 1.9%. The island is the eighth region of the country in terms of infection. Positives are currently 9,734, 121 more than the previous day. Unfortunately 9 deaths have also taken place today. There are currently 388 inmates in the medical field, down slightly, and 43 in intensive care, unchanged since yesterday.

in the field, to complete the cycle Vaccination, 70.6% of the area, which is six points below the national average (76.8%). In the week between 10 and 16 November, the region recorded a deteriorating situation with regard to the spread of the virus, but the situation is under control in hospitals below the risk limit.

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