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Do you know 4S? This is a method developed by Doctor Christian Rechia after many years of research. This in essence involves learning to “control your eating area, your sleep, your stress and your game” for better healing. When things go wrong we go to the doctor. In contrast, in well done for you, Christian Rechia insists: “Everything is a question of common sense because in prevention everything exists, but no one is responsible.”

“Medicine in France for 70 years has made extraordinary progress that has managed to cure patients in a remarkable way. We should respect this medicine, but it is not enough,” he says. According to the doctor, if one applies his method, “you add life in years and you add tissue repair”, even “over 55 years” he assures.

impeccable diet and sleep

But what does the 4S match? First, it is a question of “managing one’s food field, from the earth to the thorn and from the thorn to the neurons”, describes Christian Rechia. “You have to keep yourself busy by eating slowly,” he recalls.

Then, “you have to sleep well because after being active during the day, you have to repair yourself well at night and repair neurons at night”. And the professor underlines that “people who sleep badly are people who often have degenerative diseases at the neuronal level”.

manage stress and be proactive

The flip side of the 4S is stress management. “It is necessary, you have to do yoga, listen to music, read, relax”, especially since “stress is more toxic than fat, sugar, alcohol and tobacco”, tells the doctor over the microphone of Europe .

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In the end, you have to play the game. Dr. Rechia himself has been practicing ten hours a week for decades. And she has a very personal technique: gardening. A taste passed down by her grandfather. “It’s a calming physical activity that’s as relaxing as golf.”

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