In Sciences Po Paris, bonus points awarded for the use of inclusive writing

INFO LE FIGARO – Many students support that the evidence was pushed to use partially inclusive writing.

At Sciences Po Paris, students have been encouraged to use inclusive writing during the partial. And this, during the academic year 2020/2021. Le Figaro was able to obtain a copy of this examination, which concerns a sociology course reserved for second-year undergraduate students who have chosen to major in economics and society. Science is posted on Po Paris’ Moodle (e-learning platform), the document specifies in its instructions that inclusive writing “is encouraged” more than “Non-use of it will not be penalized, foreign students may have more difficulty in implementing it”. “However, a half” “bonus” “point will be awarded to those who try to use it”, Indicates the document. The remaining details expose students to the use of midpoint, one of the most widespread practices of this spelling.

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According to many students, just over a year ago, Emanuel Bubaty, the teacher in charge of this master’s course, encouraged his students to use this spelling on “the key questions of sociology through the prism of gender”. “He told us that those who used inclusive writing during the partial were told without favors, although it would have additional points. And finally, I think it was not because I got a good score without doing it ”, explains a student who took the course in 2019-2020. Despite this, the teacher’s words angered some students as well as some tutorials. “Not everyone was in agreement with him, there was little controversy and a lot of questions were asked,” the student recalls.

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Contacted by Le Figaro, Student Association Nova as well as UNI confirm these evidences. “In the last few days, we have received many messages from students who go in this direction and we find that it is condemnable. Using inclusive writing in exams at the Sciences Po Paris should not allow you to score better than others, ”said Quinton Cotton, head of the UNI Section of Sciences PO, believes that a confirmation from the school Historical teacher has also done. “A few days ago, when the controversy broke out, I felt it was completely wrong. Then I said that I confirm that the students using inclusive writing are really in favor of this teaching, ”he says.

A dispute started by MP Annie Janeward

Last Thursday, at the RMC, during the program “Grandes Gules”, which was devoted to inclusive writing, Annie Genevaard, deputy for Les Reppoeniz and vice-president of the National Assembly, confirmed that “In Signs Po, a copy that Not made in inclusive language. ” Is punished, it is intolerable ”. A phrase that caused a lot of backlash on the social network provoked many students and teachers of the school to “fake news”. “This is completely wrong. I know this well, I teach there and I write copies of students, for example, teacher-researcher at the prestigious institute, Francois Gemayne tweeted. The information is immediately denied by the Signs Po Paris Communications Service and various media claim that the information is false.

Yesterday evening, the Nova Association, very influential at the school, which first confirmed through its president, Raphael Zuati, that the information was inaccurate, finally published a press release for the opposite. “We have denied the practice (…) that none of us had ever come or been celebrated (…) but for a few days, many of you have written to let us know That during at least one exam final, in the second year sociology on the Paris campus, the use of inclusive writing was effectively in favor of a ban on general writing, ”the association writes.

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“More precisely, a half-point bonus was awarded to students who tried their hand at midpoint, ” ills ” and other ” cells ”, even though Signs Poe’s official position of not using these signs Be the opposite. And conditions “, specifies Nova. Le Figaro was approached by its president, Rafael Zuati, emphasizing the fact that he” really wanted this update “.” What I said was not true. , So I preferred to correct. It is ultra-minority, but it does not exist, it should be clarified.

When contacted by Le Figaro, the administration states that it has not yet been able to verify the facts “on this specific matter”. However, she assures that “at the level of education, no instruction in this regard has ever been addressed to teachers or students.”

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