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The Paimpol-Romsey twins date back to the 1960s. An anniversary should have been celebrated, this year, exceptionally “but the Kovid crisis compels, everything has been canceled”, with Jean-Luc Glory, president of the Lamas, twinning in the French side. On the English side, President Roland Matthews had seen the big picture, planning to invite, in July, three cities delegations joined with Romy (Battenberg in Germany, Treviglio and Pimpole in Italy) during the “Twenty Fest”. . “It had never happened, it was a great idea, like a bond of European friendship”, commends Pimpolese who was to take in the suitcase of two local artists of his delegation, Amandine Chalon and Gerard Tonneau, as well as the composer Too .

More complicated trips?

But even though the 2021 exchanges are inconclusive, with dates set by force without circumstances, Jean-Luc Glory remains completely optimistic on the future of the twinning “as long as the two cities have the will to build it, which That is the case. For example, the English have established a shorter version of “news” with “news to each other during the pandemic.” An affinity that is in discussion with preparation meetings, lots, picnics and homestay accommodations. Can be found where we really are in everyone’s daily life ”.

But what about Brexit in future relations? “It annoys our English friends a lot, who ask themselves a lot of questions,” recognizes the French president. But in the short term, the travel formalities should not be too restrictive


Involve youth more and more

Meanwhile, on both sides of the “channel”, the main challenge of the twin committees will be to rejuvenate the teams and attract new members (about thirty at this time for the Pippolysis side). “We hope to involve young people more as we did a few years ago by taking the youth of Pampol Music School to Romsey. The idea, this time, to organize an exchange between the rugby schools Will. ”Not necessarily administratively easy, especially in Brexit UK…

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Jean-Luc Glory further observes: “We also want to revive Pimpole’s association with Vermillion (Ohio, United States), which has been dormant for years. So far, I had no response, but I was not disappointed. Another pair to follow…

* However, from 1 October 2021 a passport will be required for entry into the UK.

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