In Nunvik, COVID-19 infections skyrocket. coronavirus

In total, 355 cases have been identified for a month – more than three times what the region has experienced since the start of the pandemic – while 233 cases were still active in the last report published on Friday.

The main focus of infection is in the cellulite. With at least 162 active cases per 1,241 residents, it represents about 13% of the infected population.

The risk of catching COVID-19 is now highest on record in Nunavik, Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services (NRBHSS) indicated.

These figures could be far below the current situation, specify health officials. Transportation of samples, among other things, delays the delivery of screening test results. All necessary resources have been deployed to limit these delays and reduce the time lag between the time of screening and the result. Make sure RRSSSN.

To contain this outbreak of the pandemic, Salluit, Kangirsuk and Kuzzuaq have been placed on red alert level, a measure that bans them from any gathering.

Nunavik is made up of 14 northern villages stretching from Hudson Bay to Ungawa Bay.

Photo: Katwik School Board

All other Nunavik communities, even those where no cases have been reported, have moved to the Orange Alert level and will remain so till November 17. This measure is accompanied by a reduction in the size of permitted gatherings. It also imposes a 14-day quarantine after moving to the second Orange tier community.

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According to Dr Marie Rochette, the regional director of public health, the current strong community transmission could be explained by an undetermined case coming from outside.

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Maybe someone traveled in September and that person got infected and the infection was not detected until the disease spread, she urges.

Dr. Rochet confirms that at least two-thirds of contamination is related to uninfected people.

About 60% of the eligible population of Nunavik has received the vaccine so far.

Health officials are also turning to social networks, where they continue to stress the importance of respecting quarantine, recalling the measures taken against those who do not respect it: Isolation order can be issued. This means that the police will then be able to apprehend and return the person to a place of isolation designated by the public health service., declares RRSSSN On Facebook.

In a more playful tone, management also asked circus troupe Tupik ACT to deliver a prevention message in a short video on barrier gestures.

Chisasibi. traces of COVID in

Chisasibi, a Cree community located about 1,460 km north of Montreal, said it discovered traces of COVID-19 in its wastewater after tests to determine the spread of COVID-19 within its community.

On 3 and 4 November, the result of a test came back positive., alerted the committee in charge of emergency operations. An additional test conducted on 5 November concluded with the same result. This is a strong indication of the presence of a case of COVID-19 in the community, concludes Chisasibi in a press release.

More accurate tests should be conducted over the weekend to refine the source of the virus. Meanwhile, Chisasibi is closing its gathering places and asking its residents to limit their movements until a case is detected.

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