In Kalank, English with absent subscribers at Chanel’s marina

England on Monday abandoned almost all anti-Covid health restrictions, but that doesn’t mean the English withdrawal from the Channel is far from it. On reaching England, along with the removal of the quarantine obligation, the borders are also being relaxed. Except in France, which is an exception due to the “frequent presence” of cases in the beta version, Which worries the government because of resistance to the widely used AstraZeneca vaccine in the United Kingdom.

The English are therefore still absent customers in the department’s marina, for which they usually represent a large portion of the visitors. And the chances of seeing them this summer are slim. At Saint-Vaast-la-Hauge, on the east coast, where English represent about 30% of visitors, there is only one English boat in the typical port today. Vincent Pinatel, assistant manager at Saint-Vaast-la-Hogue’s marina : ” This year we hardly have any English boats that have come to port. It is complicated between Brexit and Covid, both for the return to our country and also for all the administrative formalities.

We have some questions for July-August, but apart from a few more inspired boats, we shouldn’t be seeing English this year. Vincent Pinatel, assistant manager at Saint-Vaast-la-Hogue’s marina

At Saint-Vaast-la-Hauge on the east bank of the Channel, there is only one English boat in the port today. © Radio France
Jacqueline Fardell

a significant drawback

On the English side, it’s the desert, we also sum up to manage Cherbourg Marina. Where in the summer of 2019, a third of the 1,500 berths in the port were occupied by the British, this summer, we are close to zero. And it will hurt finances after an already bad summer 2020, with revenues falling in half.

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so the people in charge The number of ports depends on the increase in the number of French visitors. or other European breakdown to the limit. This is what happened last summer in the port of Carteret, especially with more new yachts from the north. Here it is visitors from the neighboring Channel Islands who are missing, usually over 60% of the attendance.

Last year we made up for some of the losses with the arrival of French sailors, who were unable to sail to the Channel Islands, came to us.Vincent redraws the pintail

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