In France, offshore wind players are waiting for the promised “acceleration”

However, the figures may have got potential investors thinking: today it takes 10 years to put a site into service in France, five in Germany, six in the United Kingdom…seven parks (3.6 GW total) were awarded. has operators, but France has just produced its first electrons, with Saint-Nazaire Park nearing completion.

“Region of Concern”

However, by all estimates, France will have to largely deploy offshore wind power, whether it relaunches nuclear power or not, to achieve the needed carbon neutrality in 2050 and avoid the worst effects of global warming. . For RTE, the High Voltage Network Manager, depending on the package chosen, will require 22 to 62 GW. But will the country be able to reach there? “The pace of projects should be more sustained and this from this decade”, underlines Vincent Bales, DG France of the German energy company wpd, calls for planning rather than launching projects like the rest of the sector “one-on-one”. -A cut”.

The horizon of 40 GW (about 50 parks) outlined by Emmanuel Macron for 2050 “has given a perspective to the region, but what will the implementation be? He says.” In Europe, the plans that have worked are those of favorable areas. identify. In France, we are lit by the facade scheme, which mainly defines the exclusion zones. The method concerns the sector.” In the show’s detail, Germany is mentioned and its “fairly fine” cartography, with zoning for short and long term.

” air pocket “

“Planning at the national level is not the choice we have made in France, because we need a dialogue with the actors and the regions”, replied Le Havre Eric Banel, Director General of Maritime Affairs at the State Secretariat in charge of the sea, Announcing the “relaunch of a planning cycle” before the Union of Renewable Energies (SER). For SER, it may be too late. The association calls on states to prepare large potential areas before starting a debate on areas to be refined.

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