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Italy has not won an Olympic medal in only four disciplines: two may already reach Beijing

Italy is set to leave for Beijing in view of the Winter Olympics. The goal is to collect as many successes as possible and bring home medals to enrich the palate of tricolor winter disciplines. In China, medals will be awarded for fifteen different disciplines, but to Italy The feat of climbing the podium “just” in four did not succeed Of these and unfortunately two cannot be concentrated in Beijing.

Seven snow disciplines (alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, biathlon, ski jumping, Nordic combined, snowboarding, freestyle), five ice disciplines (figure skating, speed skating, short track, hockey, curling) and three groups (luge, bob) , skeleton), as mentioned, for a total of 15 subjects.

However, Italy is missing out on only four categories to claim medals in all Winter Olympic disciplines. it is about curling, freestyle, ice hockey and ski jumping, Unfortunately, as announced, the appointment with medals for ice hockey and ski jumping has to be postponed to Milan-Cortina 2026, as Azzurri has not qualified for the Chinese review.

On the other hand, the situation is different curling and freestyle. In both genres, dreaming is priceless, but getting to the medal will seem like a daunting undertaking. Indeed, in curling we should expect a wrong move by those who have predictive sides such as Canada, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States, but nothing is impossible after European bronze.

for what concern freestyle, Instead, Simone Deromedis He will do everything possible to win the medal. Among the best ten in the discipline, blue can dream and make people dream big.

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