In football matches this month, the Netherlands may allow smaller crowds in theaters

The Dutch government announced on Tuesday that it had agreed to expand the number of events that a specific audience could participate in as part of a series of trials to see how the new coronovirus in the Netherlands increased Can be safely reopened without Infection. In addition, zoos, theme parks, Kückenhof, museums and other places where guests move through the attractions continuously are allowed to participate in the experiments.

Visitors are only allowed when they can prove that their coronavirus test is negative. Up to 7,500 event sizes are available in some small hotel conference rooms for the Ajax-Azad football match at Johann Gruzf Stadium in Amsterdam on 24 April. The National Opera and Ballet can seat 1,600 spectators, thousands of people can attend the TivoliVredenburg at the 3 FM Awards and welcome thousands of outdoor venues such as zoos, theme parks and Kückenhofs.

Crucially, events and organizations that do not require special permission can be held nationwide for three consecutive days in April, Health Minister Hugo de Jong said in a letter to Parliament. By making the duration a maximum of three days, the best Dutch football league ERTVC and Cougen Campion TVC can welcome spectators for each full round.

“Although the state of epidemiology is still very dangerous, the government feels it is appropriate to exclude these pilots,” de Jong writes. “The combination of scale of measures, limited total volume, preliminary scrutiny and strict enforcement of all basic rules means that we can do this responsibly.” If successful, the program will be expanded in May with options for pending coronavirus investigations such as the number of coronavirus infections, testability, and a social distance of 1.5 meters.

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The test plan should determine the visitor’s perception about the event, but also when receiving an access test. The cabinet wants to know how easily the organizers can check the validity of negative test certificates and whether IT systems and applications are functioning properly.

Guests must book in advance for the event or events. Organizers can provide additional information about obtaining an entrance test and a negative results certificate. A long list of events that can take part in the pilot program published on the Dutch government website.

“These measures are difficult for all of us, and have been going on for a long time. So we are constantly looking at what can be done within the required constraints ”, says De Jong. “Through access trials, we hope to be able to open operations more carefully and responsibly than ever before, so that the community can slowly reopen.”

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