In dire need of staff, French restaurants are planning to recruit Moroccans

The restaurant owners are in dire need of weapons during the summer season. “Every year, we look for around 100,000 employees. […] Very quickly, at your vacation spots, you will realize that restaurants that usually open seven days a week will be closed for a day or a half. They will not be able to maintain the dimension of their hours because they will not have the hands to meet the demand”, Alain Fontaine, president of the French Association of Master Restaurateurs (AFMR), warned this Wednesday. franceinfo,

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The health crisis associated with Kovid-19 has increased the recruitment problem in this sector. “Before the health crisis, I had a pool, but with Covid we had neither apprentices nor apprentices to refurbish it”, said the owner of the Café de Paris in Calais. “People have found comfort and time spent with their loved ones during the health crisis. They no longer want to see their daily lives being dictated by work. We rely only on motivated youth who come to us, otherwise we may not get the staff. So we decided to stop the service on Monday: we’re not going to work 50 hours a week,” explains Ludovic in Alaska, based in Burke-sur-Mer.

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For Alain Fontaine, immigration could be a solution. “We have great young people coming out of CFA and high school, but also great people on the sidewalk waiting to work. Administratively, we need to be able to pick them up from us. Tomorrow’s restoration of immigrants in our area.” A solution that the Union of Hotel Trades (UMIH) has already used. The latter is in talks with Morocco to recruit Morocco. In addition to the state, UMIH has signed a convention He also held discussions with Tunisia for

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