In Conservative heartland of North Shropshire, legislators at high risk for Boris Johnson

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The rural constituency of North Shropshire, in central England, could switch on Thursday in favor of the Liberal Democrats in a partial legislative test for Tory Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has been weakened by a series of scandals and who flaunts his own camp’s distrust. encounters.

Humiliated by an unprecedented sling in his conservative camp in parliament and weakened by a series of scandals, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is playing the big game in a high-risk legislative by-election on Thursday, 16 December.

The very rural constituency of North Shropshire (central England), which has voted Conservative for decades, could switch in this vote as a referendum for the leader bubbling in favor of the Liberal Democrats. Amid the outbreak of a pandemic due to a later Omicron version, there would be a risk of a crisis of authority.

Voters are being called to choose a successor to MP Owen Paterson, who has held the seat since 1997 and had to resign over a lobbying case. In the last legislative elections of 2019, he secured a comfortable majority of around 23,000 votes. But, this time voting for the scandal-ridden Conservative Party of Boris Johnson will be no ordinary formality. “Some MPs have suggested privately that North Shropshire’s defeat would be the final nail in the coffin of Mr Johnson’s leadership,” the Daily Telegraph says.

Boris Johnson was trying to change Parliament’s disciplinary rules in defense of Owen Paterson, even within his own camp, before changing his mind in the face of the outrage caused by this maneuver.

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boris johnson, weak

The scandal, which is part of a long series of shameful cases, such as allegations of corruption in his party and breaches of health restrictions, left Boris Johnson very vulnerable two years after his victorious election victory on the promise of achieving Brexit. .

Long foolproof, the leader’s popularity has plummeted and recent polls on voting intent have put the Labor opposition several points ahead of the opposition.

Revelations about the events of the end of 2020 celebration in Downing Street go badly with the British, who were asked to take their social interactions to the extreme at the time.

These cases come as a worst-case scenario for Boris Johnson, at a critical moment when the United Kingdom is facing, in his words, a “tidal wave” of contamination caused by the Omicron version of the coronavirus in a country that About 147,000 are dead.

No confidence motion?

His credibility was questioned, as he struggled to accept new anti-Covid restrictions in the House of Commons on Tuesday. The ultimate snub, he faced an unprecedented sling of his own majority of deputies: 99 of them voted against the establishment of a health pass for major events, deemed moderate. This measure was only able to pass thanks to the support of the Labor opposition.

Faced with growing discontent from the Tories, fueled by an election defeat on Thursday, Boris Johnson finds himself in a precarious position. The Conservative Party could organize a no-confidence motion against him, to make him head of the executive.

Will the PM throw in the towel in the event of a defeat in North Shropshire? “We are fighting for all voices,” his spokesman replied.

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