In China, a huge car cemetery after the floods

Endless queues of cars covered in mud: After the severe July floods in Zhengzhou (central China), thousands of rubble piled up in a huge parking lot, symbolizing the scale of the tragedy.

According to the latest official report, Henan province has begun reconstruction work after last month’s torrential rain that killed more than 300 people in total.

Torrential rain, never seen in six decades, hit the provincial capital Zhengzhou on July 20, where most of the dead were recorded. Nearly a year’s worth of rain had fallen in three days.

With rising waters, motorists were trapped in road tunnels or underground parking lots and a dozen subway users drowned.

Thousands of cars and buildings were also destroyed or damaged.

“We were forced to abandon our vehicles when the water started rising,” Mr Wang, a Zhengzhou resident, told AFP.

Investment bank Goldman Sachs has weighed heavily on insurance companies, with claims estimated at $1.7 billion (1.4 billion euros) in July.

“But being compensated has become a real headache with dozens of forms to fill out,” Wang said.

Last week, Chinese officials estimated economic damage from the floods at 133.7 billion yuan (17.8 billion euros).

On public television Tuesday, Ma Chao, head of the Henan Insurance Regulatory Authority, said at least 238,000 damaged vehicles had been sent to car cemeteries in the suburbs of Zhengzhou.

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