In Capbreton (Landes), amateur photographers can help against erosion

In Capbreton (Landes), amateur photographers can this week help scientists understand the evolution of coastlines, thanks to an experience in Australia that better fights erosion.

Supported by the Coast Observatory of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the CoastSnap project, named after an application that can be downloaded on a smartphone, takes the form of an observation post fixed on the ground, which can be used to install its mobile phone. is designed for.

The passerby then takes a well-crafted photograph of the coast at Santocha Beach in Capbraton. “Once the photo is taken, it is invited to send it to us on the application, or by email, or by an Internet form. Everything is explained at the terminal”, details project leader and coastal risk engineer Thomas Boulteau Is.

A woman uses her mobile phone for the CoastSnap project in Capbraton on December 7, 2021. (AFP – Gazza Iros)

These amateur photographs will provide an unprecedented database for scientists. “We will be able to observe sand movements, the impact of storms and finally get a better understanding of how the site is developing. and therefore optimize the development of the sector”, he added.

In the face of rising sea levels, the stakes are important along the Atlantic coast, and especially on this Capbraton coastline, where the sea is gaining 3 meters of land every year.

The total cost of the project in the region is 720,000 euros, financed exclusively by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region and the European Union.

Observation posts already exist at Morbihan and Saint-Jean-de-Luz (Pyrénées-Atlantiques). The next terminal will be put into service at Lacanau (Gironde) in early 2022.

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Coast Snap is an application born in Australia in 2017 that started exporting to Great Britain, Belgium and Portugal.

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