In Cahors, new cars from Carrefour des Sciences run on solar power

Building a small solar car is a challenge presented by Carrefour des Sciences et des Arts to young Lot residents in Cahors this Wednesday. An opportunity for them to see the energy challenges of tomorrow.

“Who wants wheels? The intersection of science and the art room of Cahors escapes awkward questions. On this first Wednesday of the holiday, the association organizes a scientific course for children ages 8 to 11. Goal: Solar-powered walks “You’ll work in teams of two or three, and take advantage of each other’s skills,” declares Magali, scientific moderator of thirteen trainee engineers. Presentation of the operation of the solar power engine, Antoine, the organizer of the “solar challenges” at Lot’s schools, introduces them to the construction phases and technical hurdles. “You have to use your imagination to come up with solutions,” he warns. Following the theory , a place to practice.

Raising awareness among youth about the challenges of tomorrow

Little hands in a room decorated with posters of humanoids and Martian robots, drawing, cutting, taping. “We’re going to stick solar panels in here and the wheels will be attached to straws,” says Abby, never looking away from the cardboard racing car. Beyond building cars, animators want to make the youngest people aware of energy saving issues. “The technological challenges of the future are to use less energy, especially to build less heavy vehicles, explains Magali. With their smaller solar panels, they have this constraint. Lillian and Marius understand this very well. : “We’re trying to make a fairly flat car that takes up less space. It will be lighter and faster. All that was left was to install the small engine and test the prototype under the generous sun of this Wednesday afternoon.

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