In Britain, football soon matches with the public thanks to a vaccine passport

Rapid testing and vaccination certificates will become part of the routine of English stadiums. It is this that stemmed from the plan to reopen the match to fans in the presence announced by various British newspapers. The testing ground for a return to sports competitions by many of the channel’s football fans will be the FA Cup, or English Cup, a trophy played parallel to the championship and which ended with a win last year. Chelsea in the unusual setting of an almost deserted Wembley Stadium. According to the Guardian, in a single sports facility Will be disputed The first game of 2021 also opened to the public in limited numbers: the Cup semi-final on 18 April between Leicester City and Southampton.

Vaccination test and certificate

Fans will be asked to take a quick test before entering the stadium to monitor the possible spread of Kovid-19. Cited, according to government advisors Whole Also in the Telegraph, a pilot project will also be activated to use the so-called vaccination passport to speed up the process of entering and leaving the stadium. This certificate must prove the vaccination of the person who wants to enter the stadium or his recent recovery from Kovid or the negativity of the recent test. The ‘mixed’ system with on-site testing and vaccination passports will be tested in cup competitions in April and May. This allows it to draw conclusions on the system being tested in view of re-watching major sporting events from mid-June.

Government is happy for passport vaccination

Although the public presence in the matches in April will be guaranteed by rapid trials, government sources have assured the ‘Telegraph’ that the NHS (British National Health Service) is expected to activate the new app as soon as possible) May exhibit vaccination or the presence of negative tests or antibodies thanks to recent retrieval. Digital vaccination passports are the government’s preferred option, pressuring the United Kingdom to regain the benefits of the vaccination campaign, which is seeing strong gains in other European countries, although London has delayed the second dose after about three months Has decided. First., Depends on low security, but on a large percentage of the population rather than on total security at a lower percentage. .

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Who opposes passport

However, not all politicians are happy with the possibility of a vaccination pass that excludes those who have not taken their supplements from sporting events. More than 70 MPs have already signed a statement opposing the Tika passport as a condition for participating in events open to the public. The list of opponents includes about forty conservative MPs, so from the same party as the head Boris johnson, But also 20 Labor MPs and 10 Liberal Democrats. A bipartisan front that could speak in a wheel to the British government which is the pawn to return to normal life.

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