In Brazil, Apple has been kicked out for selling iPhones without chargers

In Brazil, a landmark decision has been taken in favor of Apple supporters who are dooming themselves (even more) to iPhone chargers. Last week, a court was held in the city of Goiânia to decide whether customers of the Apple brand were entitled to compensation for buying an iPhone without a charger.

Verdict: The Cupertino company was found guilty of violating consumer protection law. And the sentence is as follows: Apple must pay the customer an amount of $ 1,064 (5,000 Brazilian reals), reports Apple Insider.

According to the Brazilian Consumer Protection Code (CDC), devices such as smartphones must be sold with a charger. These can be sold separately only if the purchase of this charger is not mandatory to run the laptop.

“It’s Married Sale [stratégie comportant une vente et une option de vente, ndlr] hiding”Sentenced Judge Pinheiro, “An abusive and illegal commercial practice in violation of the provisions of the Consumer Protection Code.”

Apple defended itself during the lawsuit by arguing that users don’t need to purchase additional Lightning chargers, as iPhones are already sold with a USB-C to Lightning cable. Before specifying that this choice of not selling the charger with the smartphone rests on genuine ecological belief – we have since known that it is also of an economic nature.

The argument was deemed insufficient by the judge, who held that it was impossible to use the cable supplied with the device with other chargers. Apple is also regularly approved by the Brazilian government; The firm had to pay a fine of $1.9 million in March 2021.

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In Europe, the European Commission also recently decided that all manufacturers must migrate to a universal standard … including Apple. So the company has a little less than two years to replace Lightning.

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