In an investigation, the BBC condemns “corruption cases” that allowed Roman Abramovich to become wealthy

TeaAuction rush, the kidnapping of a Chinese competitor… British media on Tuesday revealed a shocking investigation into the business of the Chelsea owner.

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In addition to the sanctions, the charges continue. Chelsea and Russian oligarch owner Roman Abramovich considered close to the Kremlin I’Eye Cyclones since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The BBC, the British public television channel, unveiled an investigation on Monday, 14 March, where it claims it has new evidence “Corruption Cases” Which allowed the native of Saratov to become wealthy.

Media across the channel reports that it has read classified documents from the Moscow Police, which point to criminal enrichment and corruption allegedly displayed by Roman Abramovich prior to the takeover of London Football Club in 2003.

The English media cited rigging in a 1995 bid to purchase an oil company. It also explains how negotiations to acquire another company may have led to the kidnapping of a Chinese competitor in 2002. “Nothing Suggested” SheAbramovich “Knew about this kidnapping”However, the BBC specifies.

According to the media, the owners of Chelsea, whose assets were frozen in the United Kingdom and then in Europe, may have avoided legal proceedings in Russia because of their proximity to former Russian President Boris Yeltsin. These matters had already been talked about and are emerging in the United Kingdom today in an environment hostile to Roman Abramovich.

,His lawyers say that there is no evidence that he amassed huge wealth through the crime.BBC adds.

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