In Alaskas, “candles” protect gardens from frost

After several days of good weather and temperatures that are sometimes well above seasonal norms, the cold is here. And he threatens their flowering trees. Mercury is expected to fall below zero with widespread freezing and negative temperatures from northwest to northeast on Tuesday.

“Delicate and precious”

Temperature differences that are “Badder to Badar” And constitute a real danger for one “Enhanced nature” Raised by a mild weather, then cooled by a sudden frost, 47, Daniel explains, his gaze set on six long rows of peach trees illuminates the orange glow of the trees. “Candles”. In hopes of forecasting negative temperatures for the night from Monday to Tuesday, the couple and several other neighboring growers placed their trees among these small braziers filled with paraffin on Monday, the smell of which surrounds the gardens. At 4 in the morning, the grass between the rows is actually frost-white, but summer “Candles” It has already melted at the bottom of the trees.

A fruit grower burns a candle on 6 April 2021 in Westhofen to protect his gardens from frost. (AFP – Frederick Florin)

This method, which is not subject to authorization, is often used by wine producers or arborists when the temperature drops below zero. “This can increase the temperature by 2 or 3 °” for many hours, “It works for ‘Hor Frosts'” Like last night. But for ‘Black Jelly’, Even cold, “There is nothing we can do”, Explains the manufacturer.

Dataltting has three sides, owning about fifty plots of fruit trees (apples, plum, grapes, apricots, pears, peaches, knives…) spread over 15 hectares. “Among the bloomers, the most delicate” And most “Precious” : Peaches, cherries and plums, tells Nathalie, 44 years old. “But we didn’t have time to make pears, we’ll make them later”, Daniel slips. It was a private meteorological center that sent them via SMS Monday to Tuesday night First Alert: -2.09 ° 1:45 pm. New alert at 02:25, this time with -3.09 °. “There, we panicked”, Confronts Nathalie.

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The couple, who thought they could save at least one night “Candles “, Then the obvious must solve: Equipped with gas lighters, they will require one hour and two to two hours to ignite them all.

Candles in an orchard to protect against frost on 6 April 2021 in Westhofen.  (AFP - Frederick Florin)

Candles in an orchard to protect against frost on 6 April 2021 in Westhofen. (AFP – Frederick Florin)

And they are expected to start over the next few nights: “We went away for three nights. And the more we move into the season, the greater the danger (…) it may go back to Hagia Sophia on May 25 Is., We are not covered!

“Rat race”

This is the second year in a row when he and his wife have used this method, which is priced at: 7,000 euros was paid for 600 candles in 2020, of which 300 were already during the previous episode last year. Were used.

This time, just under 200 were lit. “I recommended a hundred, I have to go to them (Wednesday) morning at the agricultural counter. It’s going to be a rat race, everyone will want something …”, predicts the fruit grower. In the garden, the night rises, all the candles are lit and some yawning betrays the lack of sleep. However, there is no question of going back to bed: his farmer’s shop in Westhofen is due to open. “Now, we don’t go to bed, we open at 7 o’clock. We have no life …”, Daniel breathed. At 8:30 AM, forty-something approximate “The danger averted”, Candles can be extinguished. Not for long: “The next night, and the night after, we know we’re gone”.

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