In addition to Star Wars Eclipse, Quantic Dream is reportedly working on another AAA game

In addition to Star Wars Eclipse, Quantic Dream is reportedly working on another AAA game


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This second project will be based on the tech demo The Dark Sorcerer, a 2013 short film produced by Sony for the PS4 before Detroit: Being Human. More humorous, this video has a mix of fantasy and staging.

information comes from accountngt sur twitter, which seems to have internal sources at Quantic Dream, as it revealed images of the Star Wars Eclipse ahead of its official announcement at the Games Awards, which gives it some credibility. According to the given information, This 12-minute tech demo will be based on The Dark Sorcerer (Which you can learn above). game will be funny And the main team is based in Paris. Its development will be more advanced than that of Star Wars Eclipse, Planned for console and PC, it will be an interactive medieval fantasy storytelling game with a non-linear storyline written by David Cage., In short, the gameplay should be similar to their previous games, but with a much lighter tone and a very different universe.

In this short film, we can see a magician preparing his hex for revenge, then it is revealed that he was actually an actor in front of cameras on a set as part of the development of a game. Big wink in retrospect. It should be noted that Detroit: Being Human also had the same path, starting with a tech demo called Kara, years earlier.

As Star Wars Eclipse will still be three or four years away from release according to other sources, it really makes sense that they previously worked on another project, which is therefore more advanced. Nonetheless, with over 60 vacancies in Paris and Montreal, the studio has serious staffing issues for both of these projects. It seems as though the studio is struggling to recruit, the reputation of how the studio will treat its employees is probably not in vain. Those legal cases followed by attacks on newspapers that sounded alarm bells didn’t help. When Star Wars Eclipse was announced, a boycott was called for these reasons.

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Studio games are often at the center of various and varied rumours. The latest is that Hidetaka Miyazaki is said to be joining the third-person shooter, sci-fi universe and mecha.

Techland continues to communicate on Dying Light 2 Stay Human, with its release near. The studio now details the lifespan of the game, the time required to do everything on the one hand, and, on the other, the length of the main campaign and side quests.

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