Impressions of Intel’s Tiger Lake laptop CPU launch event

Impressions of Intel's Tiger Lake laptop CPU launch event
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Tiger Lake codenamed Intel held a launch event today for its next-generation laptop CPU family. There wasn’t much new information about Tiger Lake itself, though if you follow our coverage of Intel Architecture Day last month, you know most of the technical details covered in today’s event.

Intel’s story on Tiger Lake’s raw performance is what the company announced today on Architecture Day, and what is leaked refers to the I7-1185G7 benchmark – in two CPUs, AMD Raizen 7 4800U to significantly higher performance than the I7-1185G7 and Performance.

Aiming directly at Renoir

We’ve seen more direct discussions on competitive performance, however, with some upcoming videos alongside gaming, Adobe Premiere, and other functions to back up Intel’s claim to market performance leadership with upcoming segments. Of course, there are more toys than Intel’s raw hardware performance. The “value-added” features owned by Deep Learning Boost (aka AVX-512) have been picked up by the ad company to ensure that it has software partnerships with vendors like Adobe.

In particular, Adobe Premiere, Photoshop and Lightroom Demonstrations have leaned towards AI-powered features using the Intel OpenVino platform, taking advantage of the Intel AVX-512 guidelines using the Intel OpenVino platform. On the one hand it’s “unfair” to AMD, on the other hand, we’re not so sure of anyone’s Is Basically Adobe Premiere or other applications where Intel has found a place to partner with vendors.

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Deep marketing focus on Project Athena

The most interesting part of the launch event was not actually about Tiger Lake at all, except for the video showing the high performance of Tiger Lake as well as the video – it was Intel’s project Athena laptop certification and verification platform and its new branding “Evo.” Was dedicated, with very little mention of the actual hardware below. Instead, Intel Research wanted to give customers a message about how to use, accept, listen and adapt to their laptops.

Athena and its subset Evo aim to create an experienced, branded user experience with minimal standards, long battery life, light weight screen brightness, fast waking time, and more. Although you can’t call a non-Intel laptop “” Evo “- this specification requires a Core i5 or Core i7 CPU – Intel’s marketing works hard to create Tiger Lake frames as a way to gain a full system user experience that Athena and Evo Guarantee as a fully equipped product on its own right.


We’re only hesitant to make a firm announcement about the hardware. We’ve only seen a few limited videos – Intel has been marketing it for years, its marketing hasn’t always been the most accurate, and it’s desperate. Demand Here’s a win. In addition to its “against the competition” – the Raizen 4800U videos are quite powerful, but we need direct third-party testing to see how artificially narrow the workload may be to show the benefits shown.

What we do Is Quite confident that Tiger Lake seems to be a much more meaningful competitor for AMD than Intel has been able to field for the last few cycles. Intel credits its built-in superfin technology for most of the improvements, and that technology applies to new desktop CPU designs as well – so if Tiger Lake is well removed, we can expect a similar renaissance of Intel’s desktop CPUs in 2021.

We hope to get our hands on one or more Tiger Lake powered laptops in November for individual testing and review, if not sooner.

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