Impeachment Trial: Donald Trump Takeover

Former US President Donald Trump was acquitted as his first impeachment trial. The Senate did not have enough votes to condemn him.

After a dramatic turn of events, Republican and Democratic senators entered into an agreement on Saturday February 13 to disperse witnesses to the lawsuits. Donald TrumpReopening the way for decisions during the day.

The former US president was finally acquitted, Executive committee Not enough votes were raised to condemn him: 57 senators voted for one convict and 43 against. Therefore a two-thirds majority is not required for punishment. His successor, the Democrat Joe Biden, A Despite being exonerated, the merits of the indictment were “no election”, and asked his fellow citizens to defend Democracy, Which remains “fragile”.

Elected Republican officials have been grounded, indicating that Donald Trump is intact on American politics. But the Republican Party is weakened by a streak that began with the victory of Joe Biden in the presidential election in November and ended Capital event. “Our brilliant, historic and patriotic movement, Make America Great Again, has just begun,” Donald Trump said in a statement.

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