Immediate cry from Minister LNV about upcoming Brexit

“We are very concerned about the Brexit negotiations. The ‘fisheries’ part seems to be the final part of the negotiations. It is disastrous for fishermen, fish processing, related chains and, as a result, the fishing communities in our municipalities and. Provinces. ‚ÄĚSays the letter.

not acceptable

And de Bat also writes: “We heard that the direction no longer rests with the Minister of Fisheries, but with the heads of government on behalf of the Member States. On behalf of the European Union providing 25 percent on average for fishing The proposal is. The quota for the part of the North Sea that is located in the UK. Fisheries organizations have indicated that this is unacceptable, and we have been concerned with the results from fishermen’s families, for the auction, for the entire fishing communities. Support. Processing, fish trade, but also fishing schools. “

Call for help

The letter concludes with the words: “We understand the great pressure exerted on this entire process. We understand the interests. But the interests for fisheries are equally great. That is why we are one of the member states Appeal immediately. To all fishing communities in the Netherlands. The Netherlands does not agree on an agreement that will make the fishing sector disappear from the Netherlands. We would like to share this cry with you for help with Prime Minister Root Want.

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