Imagine the level of your human fall flat for this competition

The famous game with invertebrates is celebrating its fifth anniversary in a fun way. Actually, the team decided to hold a level design competition! So you have all the cards available to create and publish the exception level Human Fall Flat. Participating is easy. All you have to do is register at the contest site.

No Break Games and Curve Digital would like to invite all fans of Human: Fall Flat to participate in a level design competition to mark the game’s 5th anniversary. The winner will have his or her idea created in-game and published on PC and PC. consolation! We won’t put any limits on how you want to create your idea. Dream big when it comes to envisioning your perfect dream – draw, paint, model out of plasticine or build bricks, write a short description or even a cake in the shape of a tier Bake – as long as you share a high resolution image, we will consider your participation solely based on the amount of imagination it shows and its potential to come to life on console and PC!

You have until August 12th to show your design. Simply follow the following steps:

1. Follow Human Fall Flat Twitter

2. Visit Human Fall Flat Facebook Page

3. Upload an image of your level design to this address.

If you are the lucky winner your level will be integrated into Human Fall Flat. It’s great, isn’t it? Plus, you can win a SteelSeries Arctis 7 headset as well as a SteelSeries Qck+ mouse pad. So let your imagination run wild. Good luck !

Competition Trailer

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