I’m sorry that Berklee College allowed the cops to take a bath between protests

I'm sorry that Berklee College allowed the cops to take a bath between protests

No justice, no pee.

Boston’s Berklee College of Music apologized to the students for allowing the police to use campus bathrooms during their recent police discrimination and brutal protests.

“We heard from many of you and this access to the social channels of your pain and anger,” wrote Roger Brown. common Facebook notification With other school leaders in relation to the May 31 protest According to the Boston Globe.

“Allowing police officers to enter space didn’t in any way undermine Berklee’s support for the Black Life Issue.”

Seeks justice for George Floyd during protest – a black man who died on May 25 after a white Minneapolis police kneel on his neck – officers In the statement staged near the college, it was allowed to use the facilities in the Berklee Performance Center, with the statement that “the institution is not an official decision, but an informal decision made on the spot”.

Enough students acted openly – especially since the building is deported for them in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic – he chose to explain that the school was not used as a preparation area for the officers and apologized.

“We think many members of our community have been betrayed,” he said on Tuesday. “We are very sorry that this has an impact on our society and maintains feelings of oppression, silencing and marginalization.

“Let’s assure you, it shouldn’t have happened and if it’s forward-looking, it won’t happen again.”

Under the pressure of students banning the police from school areas, New York’s Brooklyn College began directing officers in 2017 trying to respond to nature’s call to a run-down bathroom on campus.

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