‘I’m ready for a celebrity’ despite AJ Pritchard’s last-minute coronavirus infection

Despite the positive testing for the former Streetly Low Dancing star AJ Pritchard Carnavirus – I’m still “probably” going to a celebrity camp.

A report on Saturday night suggested the show was in “crisis” and that Pritchard had recently tested a positive Covid-19.

However, the Mirror Online has learned that 26-year-old Pritchard is still optimistic that I am one of the people named as an official contestant in the ITV preview show Celebrity: A Jungle Story, which aired tonight at 8:10 p.m.

It is also thought that his positive test happened a while ago, which will give him a better chance of being able to compete with other competitors.

AJ Pritchard to take place in IMA celebrity lineup after positive test for COZ-19

A show source told the Mirror: “AJ has a positive text but it is not hospitalized or seriously ill and instead being isolated in a cottage in Wales is the right thing to do. All contestants have been isolated for some time now and filming of the show begins early Friday or Saturday. The show will not be seen until the end of the week.

“She has to take several negative tests before she can be allowed anywhere near the camp, but time is on her side. ITV always takes health and safety seriously and with coronavirus they take no chances.

AJ can still join the cast at Gruich Castle from Sunday, November 15th

“All indications are that AJ is still likely to take part in the series and the show will start as ten contestants plan to go.

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“Luckily for AJ’s case, the drastic action that the show officials took, including frequent inspections of camp campmates, was caught.”

Government and NHS guidelines state that you must “stay home and be self-isolated for 10 days” after your symptoms begin.

If you have a positive test, you must complete the 10-day isolation tomorrow.

AJ has split up with girlfriend Abby

AJ has not shown any bad effects from his positive test in recent days and it was on social media that he celebrated his birthday with girlfriend Abby Quinn, whom he is separating.

In a disguised promotional video on Instagram for the home whitening kit, he portrayed himself brushing his teeth to make money.

A spokesman for ITV said in a statement: “We can confirm that a member of the cast has received positive Covid results and that the person has become self-sufficient where we give them all the support they need. I am a celebrity with strong health and safety to manage safely within the Covid guidelines.” Measures and protocols should be properly implemented.

* I’m a Celebrity: A Jungle Story will air on ITV tonight at 8:10 pm, the launch show will start next Sunday (November 15) at 9pm on ITV

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