I’m one of the celebrity helicopters that amaze viewers as they get involved after being forced to fly alone.

I was shocked by a celebrity audience after being forced to make big changes to how contestants appeared on the show because of the social media system.

This year’s show faced multiple hurdles thanks to the coronavirus epidemic, initially it had to return to its Welsh castle from its normal home in the Australian jungle and recently after several lockdown bans in large areas of Wales.

But on Sunday night, to the delight of millions of viewers, I am running a celebrity with the host Ant from Aibarzil’s show’s new home Girich Castle and coming straight in December.

And, just before we got our first glimpse of a celebrity lineup as an actress this year, the guys said the show was forced to change how contestants got to the location.

DC explained: “Normally in Australia we would start with five celebrities in a helicopter, but unfortunately this could not happen this year,” Ant added: “The good news is they’ve all got a helicopter!”

December joked: “Even helicopters are socially remote …. how 2020!”

This year’s campmates, including Mo Farah and Vernon K, were torn apart within weeks of the show starting, and besides, they were forced to come alone, meaning the audience was completely stunned when everyone hugged each other.

One went on Twitter and posted: “They all have their own helicopters for social distance celebrities: * Embrace each other … … but it was pollution for something then,” and another commented: “Why did they have to go separately? Helicopters hug and kiss everyone when they land. “

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A third responded: “So they spent all this money on a helicopter for each of them to hug 3 seconds after the reunion?”

The celebrities have formed a bubble, similarly created by the new series of strikingly low dancing couples, so that they get closer to the show.

So if you see supportive hugs again and again, don’t be afraid that no rules are being broken.

Campmates will also be tested every three days.

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