I’m a celebrity’s Welsh castle ‘ignoring puppy hotspots on the beach’

This year’s new I A Celebrity Residential setting will not only be unique because of its haunted castle, but there are also allegations that it has observed a dodging hotspot.

It will definitely be an exciting experience for 2020 stars …

Gwrych Castle, where I Celebrity has been set up in Abergel this year, has observed a beach known for keeping dogs, it has been claimed.

As a result of its popularity in recent years, a swingers website has dubbed it a “hot spot”.

According to the Daily Star, a local councilor said: “This is a chronic problem. People are going to the beach and they were offered.”

Meanwhile, an underlying publication told: “The castle may be haunted but they will only hear cries and cries from those who will hear from these dogs.

“They’re all out of clothing. Winter won’t stop them from escaping.”

I line up one Celebrity 2020

This year’s IMA Celebrity will feature a variety of celebrities ranging from two Eastend stars to Olympic champions.

One of them was soap star Shane Ritchie, who admitted that his pantomime jigs scheduled for next month had been canceled due to the epidemic.

Shane, who was paid around £ 100,000 for his pantomime jig, had previously admitted: .

“And now I literally. You save money for a rainy day but you do not expect the rainy day to last for six months. Thanks, I was able to borrow money from partners, my family and the bank and my wife is now very happy that we can finally provide the credit card.

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“What an honor to ask before the lockdown. I’m grateful and I’m looking forward to being around adults again instead of my wife and three children.”

Like Shane, the ITV show itself had to change for the lockdown. As celebrities were unable to travel under the Australian general camp, the respondents relocated to Guerrich Castle in Abergil, North Wales.

And in the 20th series of the show, Shane is joined by: Sahastra Eastenders star Jess Plummer, TV host Vernon K, Olympian Mo Farah, DJ Jordan North, writer Giovanna Fletcher, Coronation Street star Beverly Collard, former hardliner AJ Pritchard, And TV host and journalist Victoria Derbyshire.

* I’m returning to Celebrity on ITV on Sunday

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