Illegal weekend fireworks lit Southern Cal and lit a lot of fires

According to reports, illegal fireworks burned the night sky in most of Southern California during Independence Day weekend, and firefighters fluttered to fight hundreds of fires.

Aerial footage NBC News in LA After the July 4th official canceled demonstrations about social distant concerns in the midst of the resurgence of the coronavirus, he showed illegal fireworks bursts that erupted the city and county pepper.

Contra Costa Fire Capt. “Unfortunately, fireworks were a contributing factor to the busy night we had, and they were heavily active with illegal fireworks,” said George Laing. San Jose Mercury-News said. “Fireworks are illegal. However, it does not seem to concern hundreds, if not thousands, that illuminate all the different species and cause fires around the Gulf Region. “

Laing said firefighters answered 60 calls between 9 am and 11 am. Saturday, explosions leave a misty fog in the area.

A fireworks spark fire in the Northridge district of Los Angeles ignited palm trees and spread into an apartment and replaced 50 people. Los Angeles Times reported Sunday.

Before 22 o’clock, the firefighters in Melekler City responded to 29 building fires, 12 brush fires, 17 grass fires, 65 tree fires and 116 garbage fires. By Saturday KTLA-TV in LA.

“The numbers speak for themselves,” Instagram said LAFD. “Fireworks are not toys.”

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