Illegal immigration: 133 arrested north of Dakhlas

immigration. credit: Associated Press

A total of 133 candidates for illegal immigration, including four women, were arrested overnight in the coastal area of ​​Imoutlane in Oued Eddahab province from Friday to Saturday, we learned from a security source.

Thus, two groups of illegal migrants 68 and 65 were arrested in the commune of Bir Injarane, north of the Imoutlen fishing village (140 km from Dakhla).

These individuals, all from several cities in the state, were thanked for strengthening the coastal surveillance system and the intervention of elements of the Royal Gendarmerie, as part of the regular search operations carried out to counter the phenomenon of illegal immigration. underlines within. same source.

To determine the circumstances of the organization of this illegal immigration operation, an investigation has been opened by the competent authorities under the supervision of the prosecution, it added.

Security services have recently intensified operations to investigate illegal immigration attempts in the Dakhla-Oued Eddahab area, which has led to several arrests and rescues of boats in the open sea.

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