Ikea and Asus ROG Furniture is on Sale… Finally in China

Announced in September last year, the partnership between IKEA and Asus Gaming Branch is called ROG (“Republic of Gamers”). With metronomic precision, furniture and accessories for players and other streamers are launched in early February. The goods that claim ” Help more players win »

This mantra smells good nonsense Badly motivated marketing – it happens for everyone – sometimes hiding pre-existing products, but also new ones. Like the UPPSPEL range, which offers a (one priority) super motorized desk at 512 euros (3,999 yuan), a pseudo-cyberpunk poster (universe, not sports) very rotten and kitschy. At 3.7 Euro, it ” Creates the right feeling and makes your gaming space more personal “. Yes, that’s it, we believe it to be death.

If we tease, the truth is that there are a lot of things that seem useful and well, such as the desk above, or the headphone stand, mouse cable booster, and so on.
Ikea is mass marketed, but knows what it does, and the UPPSPEL line of rolling out PC tower stands will be ours as soon as TSMC decide to produce anything but chips for factory cars.

Among LETTERNESPELARE, UPPSPEL, HUVUDSPELARE and other UTESPELARE, the ability of obscure word games for gamers will increase even further.
But to steal the right word from our British allies register, We regret the absence of a boundary called “FR regretG”, which would have made us laugh. But it’s still time to launch a “ROX isR” …

If Ikea meets its diabolical schedule again, the rest of the world should see the IKEA and Asus ROG range next October. Perhaps before you can see the arrival of the RTX 3080 and other RX 6800 XT N warts. But you never know, you can always dream …

True : The Register, IKEA China (in English)

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