If you liked The Big Bang Theory, you’ll love IT Crowd

How I Met Your Mother, Guys, The Office… today there are hundreds of sitcoms, each more cult than the next. but have you ever heard the IT Crowd , Created by Graham Linehan (Black Books, Father Ted) and aired on Channel 4 between 2006 and 2013, this little-known British series in France has slowly become a monument to British pop culture.

In the basement of Reinholm Industries, a large London company whose main activities are unknown to us, lives “IT people”, No one knows his name until the staff on the upper floors called him for help. Until then despised, they immediately become, and in one sentence, the heroes of the company: “Have you tried shutting down your computer over and over again?” They are stressed, tired, all day long…

absurd at its peak

Introverted geeks, Moss and Roy, are caricatures of their own. Joined by the first episode of Jane, an essential liar new to computers, they will form a supercharged trio. IT workers (not so professional) will join forces to oppose their boss, a sexist and cocky psychopath. Behind closed doors in a windowless basement, we will follow the misadventures of this team of broken weapons.

Jane, Moss and Roy develop in the episode: the inconsolable Roy will fall in love little by little, Moss will eventually understand the second degree and Jane, incapacitated at first, becomes a de facto businessman who needs the blessings of her male partners. There is no need. to be successful.

a successful sitcom

contrary to the plan big bang theory, The story is not based on the faults of the characters but on the completely wacky situations they face.

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The overall social stratification of the company is indicated, through the caricature of Reinholm Industries (an executable owner, a frivolous IT team with a dilapidated office). The series is a parody in itself and that is certainly what makes it so engaging. From the music to the sets, everything is cool, everything is dusty.

In the UK, if some of the series’ memes have already become cult, fans may have started a petition demanding a sequel to the adventures of Jane, Moss and Roy. Surely, geek culture still has a bright future ahead…

the four seasons of the IT Crowd Available in full on Netflix.

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