“If no major steps are taken by 10 December, we will stop this conversation with the United Kingdom”, says Clement Beain

150 French fishermen are still waiting for a license to be able to venture into British waters.

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“The British know the ball is in their court”, Clement Beain said, on Monday, November 29 on France Inter regarding the dispute over fishing licenses in the Channel and the post-Brexit agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom. While talks are to continue on Monday 29 November and Wednesday 1 December, the Secretary of State for European Affairs has promised “to account for” at the end of the week. “If no major steps are taken by 10th December, we will stop this conversation” Referring to the ultimatum imposed by the European Commission on the British government, he said, “A deadline, precise and public”,

In this conflict surrounding the fishing licenses granted to French fishermen, Clement Beaune condemned the efforts and lack of will by the British. “I’ll be very honest, it’s too slow and no speed”, he exploded about the number of licenses granted (960 but France is asking for 150 more). According to them the demand of the British “Documents, details for fishermen not provided in the agreement”,

“By December 10, we expect a full resolution of the matter”, added the Secretary of State for European Affairs. “Unfortunately, I believe the failure of Brexit is hidden by a smokescreen of making Europe a daily punching bag”Clement Bunin mourned.

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