If a green or orange dot appears at the top of the screen, your device may be hacked

Do you know the meaning of the green or orange dot that sometimes appears at the top of the iPhone screen? If not, this information should be very useful to you! Since iOS 14, various indicators allow a person to sense the use of his or her smartphone by such or such applications. But some seers call for the greatest of caution, concerned lemon squeezerthis Friday.

Here’s what you need to know. If “Screen Mirroring” mode is active or if an application has access to the device’s location data, the phone’s time is circled in blue. If the time appears on a red background, the smartphone is recording audio or video of the screen. If the background is purple, the SharePlay function is activated.

When in doubt, act fast

Since iOS 14, this information is complemented by a light at the top right of the screen. It can lighten to orange or green. In the first case, it means that the microphone of the iPhone is used by an application. If the light is green, the iPhone camera and/or microphone are in use. When the light appears alone, without the time around indicator, it means that an application in the background is using your microphone or photo sensor, or both.

Legitimate use or hacking attempt? lemon squeezer iPhone advises users to be very cautious about the presence of these two lights. To get more information about the applications that use them, you need to go to the Control Center. The name of the relevant application appears above the settings. In the event that this is not a legitimate use, it is recommended to delete the application in question. It is also advisable to restore your iPhone’s factory settings if the phone contains sensitive data, the device may be infected with malware.

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