Iconic restaurant based in Japan, Carcassonne’s Andre Pachon honored in good humor

The oldest representative of French cuisine in the Land of the Rising Sun was incorporated this Thursday, 23 September within the “Z’e Confrérie”, a group of bon vivants that defend good food and quality products. A celebration … and impromptu celebrations!

Even if it meant dressing up, kimono could be appropriate. It is actually the most famous of the French chefs living in Japan, which was honored this Thursday, September 23, in the center of the Cracosone at the end of the morning. But the “Z’e Conférie” had decided otherwise, and it is worn in ponchos and sombreros that its members Salon … burst into Albert-Tomy, in front of their official headquarters. “The Brotherhood currently has about ten members and is characterized by its short-lived and spontaneous initiative”, explains one of its illustrious representatives, Alphonse Carvaca. “We intervene in a dramatic and festive way to protect good food, friendship, joie de vivre and faith”. These principles are all the more valid more than a year and a half after the pandemic, and those that have long been adopted by the eventual recruits of this delightful group of bon vivants.

Alphonse Carvaca took the chef’s career back from Carcassonne.
The Independent – Nathalie Amen Walls

Because if he has lived in Japan since 1970, Andre Pachón has not forgotten the art of living and the fundamentals of culinary arts that marked his childhood in Carcassonne. He who was to live only six months in the Land of the Rising Sun (on the occasion of the Osaka World Expo) would eventually spend his life there, meeting his future wife and later opening the restaurant where the spirit shines. Southern cuisine … the casserole of which. “In 50 years, the Japanese’s perspective on French cuisine has changed significantly., the person says. Today it is the most popular, undoubtedly followed by Japanese cuisine. Suddenly, there are now thousands of French restaurants in Japan… whereas I was alone in the beginning!”


If Andre Pachón, humble, doesn’t want people to talk about him as an ambassador, his role in popularizing French cooking in Japan is no less. “Over there, she’s a real star”, insist in this regard to one of his childhood friends. “There are two types of French establishments in Japan, Chef’s description. Those who prefer modern cuisine, with small portions and traditional cuisine restaurants. However, the Japanese are returning more and more to tradition: they want a full and eclectic menu prepared with good products. And it turns out that from starter to dessert, including bread or cheese, French cuisine is the most complete!”

Andre Pachon left for Japan on Monday.

Andre Pachon left for Japan on Monday.
The Independent – Nathalie Amen Walls

It would be understood: the surprise reserved for him by the “Z’e Brotherhood” could only seduce Andre Pachón. “I didn’t expect it at all … and Mexican dress even less! But it touches me, because any initiative is necessary to drink well and maintain an attachment to eating well.” And to go by his proposal as well: “Why not a branch of Z’e Confrérie in Tokyo?” Such colorful twinning cannot be denied.

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