I was the ‘career killer’ of Shane Richie detailing a celeb who paid him half a million

I’m a celebrity, out of me campmate Shane Ritchie opened up about a job he said “killed his career” but paid him 500 500,000 for just 21 days of work.

Presenters in today’s installment from the historic historic Guerrich Castle in Abercrombie, North Wales, hosted a compilation that had never seen footage in the past two weeks at Ant and DC camp.

And EastEnders star Shane Ritchie spread the beans for a lucrative job while chatting with his celebrity campmates.

He said his “advice to young people” was to “kill his career” before releasing a series of commercials.

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Shane said he was given a step in advertising for the laundry detergent company and basically rejected it. He and his agent agreed to the offer “for their own pricing” and asked for ,000 500,000 for 21 days of work in two years.

However the company was accepted and Shane signed in to create the ads.

He then said: “It killed my career, I Mr. Saturday night … I gave the Dodge ad and it shut down overnight.”

I’m a celebrity get me out of here

Shane said he was getting a job offer but it had dried up due to advertising. He then offered to audition for a big film, which would give him a chance to offer serious acting.

He said: “They are names, to play a London hooligan and on the other side of the door, I heard them go.

Asked if he regretted creating the ads, he added: “Something in the blink of an eye … but I have a mortgage … ,000 500,000 for 21 days of work in two years? I refuse to let anyone deny it.”

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