I Tried Google Bards New AI Image Generator. Heres What Happened

Google’s conversational AI tool Bard is set to receive an upgrade as it approaches its first anniversary. Initially, Bard faced criticism for its less human-like responses compared to other chatbots. However, Google took the feedback on board and integrated its AI model, Gemini, into Bard, enabling it to expand its training beyond text to include video, audio, and photos.

One of Bard’s new features allows users to generate custom images for free by typing in a prompt. The image generation process takes approximately 13 seconds, and while most queries produce relevant images, the accuracy is not 100%. To address concerns about plagiarism, Bard includes a clear distinction between visuals created with Bard and original human artwork, as well as watermarks in generated images.

Google is committed to limiting violent, offensive, and sexually explicit content, and it applies filters to avoid generating images of named individuals. Furthermore, the company is actively developing new techniques to enhance the safety and privacy protections of Bard’s models.

Expanding its accessibility, Google is making Gemini Pro available in Bard across more than 40 languages, enabling users from over 230 countries and territories to benefit from its features. To ensure accuracy, Bard also includes a double-check feature that allows users to fact-check its responses with web content.

This upgrade aims to enhance Bard’s utility as generative AI gains popularity in the market. The chatbot space has become highly competitive, with companies like OpenAI, Microsoft, and Anthropic also introducing their own chatbot models. Despite significant advancements in delivering human-like conversation, challenges such as accuracy and vulnerability to abuse still persist in the field.

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As Bard approaches its first birthday, users can anticipate a more refined and capable conversational AI tool. With Google’s continuous efforts to improve its functionality and address user concerns, Bard is expected to remain at the forefront of the chatbot landscape while setting new industry standards.

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