I Tried a New iPhone Accessory and Loved It – Insider Wales Sport

I Tried a New iPhone Accessory and Loved It – Insider Wales Sport

Belkin Launches Stand Pro, a New iPhone Accessory Utilizing Apple’s DockKit Feature

Belkin has recently unveiled its latest iPhone accessory, the Stand Pro, which takes advantage of Apple’s DockKit technology. This innovative stand features motorized capabilities that allow it to track users around a room without the need for complex sensors. Priced at $180, the Stand Pro offers an affordable option for content creators and video call enthusiasts.

Standing at 8.5 inches tall, the Stand Pro boasts a wider base for enhanced stability and includes MagSafe charging for iPhones. Setting up the stand is a breeze, thanks to an NFC tag that effortlessly pairs the stand with an iPhone via Bluetooth. Users can enjoy 360-degree rotation and 90 degrees of tilt, ensuring they always stay in frame while on the move.

While the Stand Pro is compatible with a variety of video apps and can be used with a Mac or Apple TV, it does not currently support Apple’s Center Stage feature. However, users can utilize the stand with the rear camera for improved video quality. With a five-hour battery life and the ability to pair up to 16 iPhones simultaneously, the Stand Pro offers versatility for individuals needing a mobile solution for online meetings or on-the-go video recording.

Overall, Belkin’s Auto-Tracking Stand Pro provides a convenient and user-friendly option for those seeking a hands-free experience while using their iPhone for content creation or video calls.

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