I Tell Corriere – England, Great Britain, United Kingdom: Between Games and Wars

dear aldo handjob
A student asked me: “How do you say correctly: England, Great Britain or the United Kingdom?” Then he said: “Italy is Italy, full stop.” I think school-going wary kids have a right to know, but I couldn’t answer and I felt wormy. Would you like to meet us?
Alessandro Dei Kruska Pogiridenti (sondrio)

dear alessandrohandjob
This is a question that many people ask. In short: England is a nation; Great Britain an island; United Kingdom a state. The official name is “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”. Apart from Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom is made up of three nations: Scotland, Wales, and precisely England, which have traditionally been hegemony for military, political and cultural reasons. Together these three countries make up Great Britain. For the Irish, Scots and Welsh, English has historically been the language of the ruler; But he probably would not have gained international fame if he had not written in English, Irish Jonathan Swift, George Bernard Shaw, James Joyce, CS Lewis (author of Chronicles of Narnia and the Letters of Burlich), Scots Walter Scott, Robert Louis Stevenson, Arthur Conan Doyle, and the wonderful Welsh poet Dylan Thomas (“Don’t be gentle on that good night, don’t be gentle on that good night…) are Scottish last Labor premiers by birth, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown; But Cameron is also a Scottish surname. In traditional sports, from football to rugby, each nation has its own team. I remember a Brazil-Scotland at the World Cup in Italy ’90, which I saw at the Scottish Curve in Turin, among fans in kilts who repeated: “We are Scottish, not English”. At the Olympics, however, the British team takes the field. In some circumstances the British still prefer to be called Britan in Latin style: scene from the series «The Crown» in which Londoners call «Rule, Britannia! Britannia rules the waves! The people of Britain will never be slaves” (Britain will never be slaves), on the news that the Royal Navy has reconquered the Falklands, bringing down the Argentine dictatorship. The words belong to James Thomson: Scottish poet.

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“An old urchin’s infinity in love”

I am destiny, but I live in Catania. I just turned 80, I feel more and more diseases day by day because of age, but love gives me strength and courage to stick with life. Today, with the joy of a great miracle bestowed upon us by God, that prompts us to celebrate our “first” 40 years of love – a love I wish to dedicate to all couples in the universe -, I, with some study but for so much pleasure as complete, thinking of the great panther, I devote infinitely to the love of an old urchin, Francesca “The Infinite”.
Your smile has always been dear to me,
always, always, and still today
it pierces me so softly
what makes this eighty year old man
frustrated youth of yore
It seems that never has passed, and I feel
It is as it was then:
Street Urnin and Student in Love!
And every morning, when I wake up, just
i pass the sweetness of your face
I feel such a riot of reconciliation
that in me everything rejoices and is renewed
old age despite illness
and miserable everyday things.
And I drop myself in your smile.

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