“I swear. I told Guardiola, ‘You’re going to apologize to me, because…’

Cameroonian striker Samuel Eto’o was one of the first to be cleared by Guardiola when he arrived at FC Barcelona in July 2008.

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Guardiola didn’t want him, just like he didn’t want Ronaldinho or Deco. Despite efforts, Eto’o “Oppose” In Pep’s first year in which he won the 2008–09 Champions League:

“I told Guardiola, ‘You’re going to apologize to me, because I’m the one who will make Barca win’, not Messi”The Cameroonian confessed years later.

“I was the one who led Barca to victory. Pep apologized to me. Once consecrated in Europe, Guardiola ordered that they sell Ito’o to Inter to bring, precisely, Ibrahimovic:

“Pep allowed me to be an even greater part of football history”Eto’o said strangely after a while.

And it is that the striker imposed himself a year later by winning his second consecutive Champions League at Inter, third overall.

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