I reacted extensively to a celebrity ant and the ‘Shocking’ recap episode in December

On Saturday night ITV showed a recovery episode on Saturday night that I and a celebrity viewer would be sent their ‘message’ to Ant and DC as they fummed.

Gone are the days when a TV show was quite a hotspot on Twitter because I saw this celebrity take to social media this weekend fans took to social media and took live action from the castle to express their hatred and frustration on a highlight show instead.

If you think we’re behaving excessively, just take a look at Twitter and you’ll see the hustle and bustle for yourself – some viewers have even claimed that the producers ‘destroyed’ them on Saturday night.

Presenters Ante and Dis were included in a number of negative tweets about the December Saturday show, and by picking it up on the chin they addressed the response from the right as soon as they returned to host the live show on Sunday.

December started: “We’ve got a 75-minute bumper show for you, completely live and without the highlighted package in sight.”

Auntie then said: “Thanks for all your messages about last night’s pre-recorded highlight show” before the December interruption: “It wasn’t just highlights, there were lots of invisible footage!”

Ant added: “We really appreciate the response, although, I should mention, medically I can’t do it on my own.”

Visitors to Sunday’s show praised Ant and Dis for not burying the rise under the carpet, with a tweet: “Love how Ant and DC we all hated the highlight episode,” and another posting: “Hahahaha Anti and DC are home to big elephants “

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