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Virtual operator Ho. mobile decided to The diagnosis Service Problematic In the case of Negative residual debt It did not allow to know the new ICCID serial of SIM Those involved in the theft of personal data are automatically assigned.

It was confirmed on 4 January 2021. Mobile (a few days ago it surfaced on the web) Illegal theft of SIM personal data and technical data by unknown persons (including ICCID serial) A part of its customers, And the operator initially offered the possibility to change their SIM for free, one of the recommended measures for which Prevent any scam, like Sim swap.

Later, as already described in detail, the final Saturday 9 January 2021 I have. Mobile has informed via SMS and communication on its website New initiative Implements parallel that allows customers to avoid queues in resellers for physical replacement of SIMs Automatic regeneration of SIM’s ICCID serial, Without any intervention by the customer.

In this way, I have. Mobile has awarded New 19 digit ICCID serial code for all customers who have been the object of illegal activity, Thus removing any value printed from the original code and stored on the SIM.

To tell you the new sim serial, Especially if you want to request portability for another operator. Has provided mobile Number 3424072211, Which makes it possible Send an SMS with the text “serial” I have with your sim. Mobile included.

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since a Common mobile numberBy the morning of January 11, 2021, customers who They did not have enough remaining debt To take advantage of your offer in your sim They could not send SMS to know the new ICCID serialIs formed as A recharge required To bring back positive debt.

Begin however For a few hours I have. Mobile has decided to allow sending SMS with text “Tv seriesAl 3424072211 Even for those who have no credit left on the SIM.

This way, especially for those who need to change the operator, the SIM will not have to be unnecessarily recharged and the customer can perform portability independently.

After several reports from readers, MondoMobileWeb published a request to this effect on social media on Sunday 10 January 2021, Which therefore appears to be accepted.

The virtual operator has also created a for more information Dedicated free number 421118, Is valid, only if you contact the SIM near me. mobile.

If one day the customer has mobile with new serial “Revived“Should he decide to change the operator, he has to Remember to provide the new ICCID transmitted via SMS, So you do not have to make the serial printed in the SIM available to avoid the negative consequences of portability.

I have.  Mobile serial sim

With this change, Applications that allow you to read sim serial, Such as an app Sim serial portability The Iliad will always continue to communicate the previous ICCID serial, which is no longer active, stored inside the SIM.

New ICCID provided via SMS via serial HO. Mobile is really “Virtual” Since it does not physically overwrite the one present on the SIM, and is therefore not read by this type of application, if the client does not notice this change and provides the previous serial, the portability risk is not successful. Happening.

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I remember having Is a virtual operator of mobile you, A wholly owned subsidiary of Vodafone Italia.

It should be noted that, according to verified sources, several other operators have already notified the sales force of the case. Ho. mobile, To caution retailers in checking whether a customer has received from Ho. To know the new ICCID use an SMS with communication and, if necessary, the new serial for portability request.

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