I have a celebrity star Holly Arnold reveal that she lost a stone in just two weeks

Holly Arnold, a celebrity star, revealed that she lost her stone in just two weeks of living with frozen rice and beans at the Zwich Castle camp.

Holly Arnold Says I’m an I Celebrity আস Get Out of Here She Survived the Basic Ration Diet in Her Two Weeks Presence She Almost Stoned Her Weight!

The Paralympian was voted in the show’s twentieth series on Friday evening after spending a fortnight’s sleep on a second-grade field listed in North Wales’ Second Grade Crest.

And an uninterrupted diet of rice and beans means Holly, the 2 cele, lost a significant amount of weight before bidding farewell to her celebrity campmates – much to her delight.

Winner: Berlin depicted at the 2018 World Para Athletics European Championships

Slimmer Figure: Holly Arnold said I almost threw a stone at weight after surviving the basic ration diet during her two-week appearance at Eye Celebrity … Leave me here!

He told the spin-off show Daily Drop: “I’ve almost lost a stone so I’m really happy. I also feel bad because I feel like I’ve lost some muscle mass.”

This year’s contestants are surviving on rations as they compete for the winner’s crown during the first series filmed from the show’s traditional theatrical home Eastern Australia.

Those competing in the Australian wilderness typically consume an al00 calorie, with 12 campmates currently taking part in Wales being given an extra 100 a day to cope with Britain’s icy November temperatures.

Despite treating himself to a slap in the face after leaving the castle camp, Holly admits he was already missing the show because it entered last week.

He said: ‘I’m just trying to soak it all out. I’m really sorry I came out, but I’m really happy to be here. I miss being there

‘I woke up this morning and still thought I was actually there. It’s been two weeks, but I still want to be there. ”

Showing a reflection of his first meal away from camp, the athlete admitted that he was surprised to see how he could take a little food after two weeks in the wild.

She Off: The Paralympian was first voted on the show's twentieth series on Friday evening, after spending a fortnight's sleep on the grounds of second-grade listed Guerich Castle.

She Off: The Paralympian was first voted on the show’s twentieth series on Friday evening, after spending a fortnight’s sleep on the grounds of second-grade listed Guerich Castle.

‘I saw chips and crisps and went straight for it,’ he recalled. ‘Food, smell, salt! After many chips I was like, “I feel sick”.

‘There was fruit, chocolate and crisps and everything and I was like,’ Why can’t I finish it? ‘ My stomach has shrunk so much. ‘

He added: ‘The best way they let us know is to eat slowly throughout the day but I can’t wait for the fish and chips, and curry sauce and scraps and possibly a crushed sausage from Grimby. ‘

I’m a celebrity … Get me out of here! On Monday, November 30, ITV 1 continues at 9:00 p.m.


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