Hydrogen heating? The United Kingdom is already ready, the European Union is on the horizon by 2025

May 10, 2021 – 12:24 pm

The first 100% hydrogen-powered homes in England will be ready by the end of May. Sit, a company specialized in smart metering, is also involved in the project, which is developing components for boilers and meters in Italy

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Reducing emissions due to building heating is one of the challenges that Europe has to face to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. According to data from a recent study of Legambiant in Italy, the residential sector alone accounted for 64% of the amount of fine powder. Pm2,5, 53% of Pm10 and 60% of carbon monoxide. So is inevitable Upgrade heating system One of the targets and possible options for green solutions is green hydrogen, ie produced from renewable sources.
In the United Kingdom, by the end of May, houses will be ready that will run only on hydrogen. A Venetian company, which deals with components for the safety of boilers and last generation meters, is also involved in the project. In italy and in europe This issue is still under discussion because there are people who believe that hydrogen must be destined for uses other than domestic heating. However, we are thinking of the possibility of making hydrogen ready boilers mandatory by 2025.

10 May, 2021 | 12:24

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