Hundreds of students marched through the streets of Algiers to demand radical changes in governance

Wednesday, April 14, 2021 at 0:19

Algiers – Hundreds of students marched in Algiers on Tuesday to demand a fundamental change in governance.

Despite the heat, fast, and repression, these students, supported by citizens, marched on the 112th Tuesday of Student Hirak.

On this first day of the month of Ramadan, protesters held their march marked by some skirmishes and arrests.

As usual, a kickoff was given from the place of the des martyrs at around 11 am. Signed and chanted, the demonstrators are clear and they demand the abandonment of the entire political system and the establishment of a period of transition.

“Student joins, cleans the system”, “civil and non-military status”, “free and democratic Algeria”, “free press” and “independent justice” were the slogans that marked the march.

Reaction to the arrest, then placement under arrest warrants of more than 23 protesters last week, led protesters to accuse “telephone justice”, while demanding “transitional justice”.

On a 7-day hunger strike, these protesters are placed under arrest warrants, according to them, “a coup was carried out by the DRS (secret services), specifically demanding the release of detainees during this period of fasting” .

According to the National Committee for Liberation of Detection (CNLD), other activists were arrested last week and as part of a raging wave of protesters’ arrests, which resumed after a few weeks.

According to this committee, which monitors the status of conscience inmates, the defendants are charged with “inciting unarmed assemblies and unarmed assemblies”.

These detracts parallel the sentence with the prison sentence handed down by the courts against the cross-examinees.

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These new arrests and warrants of arrest came following the police arrest of the “poet of revolution” Mohammad Tjjadit as well as Malik Riyahi in an apartment in Amani Beniyan after police searches.

Both these activists were behind the broadcast of the video of the minor Saeed Chetoun who said that he was tortured. The video that went viral sparked a wave of outrage in Algeria and abroad.

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