Hundreds of students demonstrate in Algiers for the departure of the region

The city of Algiers continues to vibrate to the rhythm of the demonstrations, particularly from the students who storm the streets of the Algerian capital, demanding the regime’s departure.

Supported by civilians, these students who broke the police line managed to walk a few hundred meters from the square to the streets of Algiers, ” martyr To connect with the big post office.

These protesters specifically raised Hirac’s slogans demanding a radical change of regime, a new Algeria and a break with the old regime and its remnants.

The students under consideration pleaded for a free press and independent justice, a civil and non-military state or even a “free and democratic Algeria”.

On Monday evening, President Abdelmazid Teboune accused Hirak protesters, especially supporters, Civil status and not military ”, Want to destabilize the country.

He said, during an interview with Algerian media officials, some protesters came out to shout slogans that threaten the country’s stability.

“These demonstrators are made by foreign lobbies to attack the stability of the Algerian state by sowing divisions within the country’s strategic institutions”, They said.

He also accused the hirakis of using the slogan “trained” and “trained” during international meetings held in several African and European countries with the sole purpose of sabotaging the stability of some states targeted by foreign lobbies. Was.

Recently, many Algerian and international organizations expressed their concerns about the suppression of the right to freedom of expression in this Maghreb country.

One of these reports is Algeria’s League for the Defense of Human Rights, which reported hundreds of people arrested in around twenty villas on the occasion of Hirak’s second anniversary.

For his part, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michel Bachelet, invited the government to continue on the path of dialogue, “Immediately release all those detained for participating in peaceful demonstrations”.

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