Humanity will not reach Type I civilization until 2371!

We see our humanity as an intelligent civilization. technologically advanced. However, on the Kardachev scale, it struggles to reach Type I. Researchers have looked into this matter. Result: Our case is not hopeless!

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Ale’kardachev scale, Does this remind you of anything? He door name of one astronomer Soviet. This is the first clue. and it is related to the concept of “Dyson Sphere”, This is the index of the second shape. The third and final clue, it is often used by scientists involved in research projects:wisdom Aliens. Do you have a clear idea now? The Kardachev scale, in fact, makes it possible to classify civilizations according to their level of technology, associating it closely with their,

roughly speakingThe more energy a civilization consumes, the more it develops. The problem we are currently facing is that consume energy, a lot of energy, it has limitations and can have harmful effects. And, nearly sixty years after the concept’s birth, we feel compelled to include in the criteria of the Kardachev scale, some “action element” “. Just to be sure not to destroy our civilization before reaching the first level of said ladder. Keeping these constraints in mind, researchers of jet propulsion laboratory (NASA) – and elsewhere – estimated that it would be necessary to wait until 2371, at a minimum, for humanity to reach the rank of Civilization Type I.

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To fully understand, remember that a so-called type of civilization is a civilization capable of exploiting – and therefore consuming – all the energy available on its planet. Type II civilization goes a step further. he’s been able to build one of those famous “Dyson Spheres” which will allow it to consume all the energy it produces Star, A Type III Civilization Will, Finally, Be Able to Do This to Everyone the stars of his galaxy,

Type I, goal to achieve?

Put humanity on this scale. Here, there can be an original way of approaching debates on energy issues. Let us first note that the power available on earth is 10. is of the order of16 Watt, But today humanity is around 10. uses only13 Watt. So, to scale , Mobile ,Kardachev’s – as popularized by Carl Sagan–, humanity, roughly, the orbit would be 0.73.

From there, the researchers wanted to know how the three main sources of energy are available today – fuels.fossils I’ Nuclear Energy And this Renewable energy– Kardachev can help us reach the first level of the ladder. They note first that Type I seems pretty much within reach. If indeed we decide to make energy production a real priority.

What remains to be done is to ensure that we maintain our chances of survival on earth. because everything burns fossil fuel , they will be compromised a lot. This is why the researchers integrated the need to limit both into their calculations.Global warmingand pollution levels. And thus they proceed, to pass on the date of Type I of Humanity, 2371. To wait nearly 350 years to officially become an advanced civilization? Or not… because we can also assume that a technologically advanced civilization is capable of finding solutions that enable it to consume less energy. to be more efficient Isn’t that the whole point?

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