Human space was found at the place where the Indonesian plane went missing

Rescuers have found parts of the body near the location off the coast of Java, from where an aircraft carrying 62 passengers went missing shortly after taking off on Saturday. Human remains are believed to have come from the occupants of the aircraft, a spokesman in Indonesia’s capital Jakarta said. Crisis signals have also been found that may possibly come from the black box of the crashed device.

Many boats and divers have gone to the spot where fishermen had already detected the wreck. These include possible pieces of an inflatable slide, a piece of cable and jeans. Personal items were also found on Sunday.

In West Kalimantan province, Srivijaya to Pontianak, 700 km north, was en route to the flight SJ182. The aircraft, the Boeing 737-500, flew at 1.40 pm local time (7.40 pm Dutch time) for a flight of about 1.5 hours.

The airline of Indonesian airline Srivijaya Air carried fifty passengers and twelve crew members. The last contact with the crew took place only 20 kilometers from the airport, when the plane was flying over the sea.

According to the FlightDar website, the aircraft reached an altitude of more than 3,300 meters just minutes after takeoff.

It is still unclear what happened to the device. Authorities suspect the plane has crashed.

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