Hugh Bonneville in India

The road to independence was anything but easy for India.

In 1947, Lord Louis Mountbatten (Hugh Bonneville) became the Governor-General of British India. He is the last to hold that office; After nearly two hundred years of colonial rule, it is time for independence.

Viceroy’s House

mountbatten goes in Viceroy’s House The act of managing that transition in the right direction. This is no easy task: let alone a huge divide among their employees.

Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs are arguing a bit. In the rest of the country, conflicts are more intense.

This leads to the partition of British India into India, where Hindus come to live, and the ‘Muslim state’ of Pakistan. This has resulted in large refugee flows.

Sikhs and Hindus migrate from Pakistan to India, Muslims take the opposite route. Director Gurinder Chaddha wraps up that story in a good film, emphasizing the roles of Mountbatten, his family and his associates.


Chadha scored Viceroy’s House one first. It is the first film to be released in the UK in two different versions: the original English language version and one entirely in spoken Hindi.

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