Huge queues outside Birmingham Airport

Pictures of long queues outside Birmingham Airport (UK) went viral on social media on Monday. Passengers denounced the unacceptable situation after waiting for hours before being able to check in.

“Of the 15,000 passengers that took off from Birmingham today, half were held up during peak hours,” the airport said. Independentrelayed by capital, “We decided to line up outside the terminal to prevent them from mixing with the check-in lines. »

Staff shortage and increased travel

Management, for its part, assured that these queues were “well managed” and that 99.7% of passengers were able to board their flights on time. For others, alternative solutions have been explored. The situation reportedly arose due to staff shortage, as the airport reduced its staff amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many workers were also sick, the effects of the pandemic still linger, prolonging the time taken to care for passengers. Another factor must have come into play: the recent increase in the number of visits has been linked to the economic recovery after the health crisis.

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